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Full-time in-office work opportunities are presently being superseded by short-term contracts, often known as freelance work. Many misconstrue freelancers as people who had no opportunity for a real job and thus ended up picking what was left. On the contrary, only a freelancer knows how real it feels to direct one’s own professional life; to be the owner and the financial head of oneself is no easy deal! This is probably the reason behind a third of the US workforce resorting to the “gig culture” of freelancing. Very soon, these independent professionals will win over the corporate community to become the backbone of the American workforce. Here is why you need to plunge into the gig economy of freelancing while still in college:


Each one of us has a talent. But only a few of us know how to mold that talent into something that translates to money or fame. You might be a great artist, a developer or might even someone who just speaks good English. Each of this is a talent that when put on paper or on social media profiles could help recruiters reach you. So if you know a new language – be a translator, developed a simple application – well, that’s the stepping into a developer’s shoes, wrote a small story – we’ve found a content creator, have huge social media fan base – and here is a marketer with no degree or even if you helped organize a toddlers birthday party – event organizers are high on demand; put it out for the recruiters to know you and see yourself as a financially independent sophomore who pays for his/her own education!  


Putting yourself out as a freelancer is you taking the baby into the professional world. At a time when you’ve got less or rather no experience, except for the small projects that you’d done in college; freelancing will give you a solid start. What you’d started as a hobby might soon develop into a career that defines your passion. The beginning might not be great, but once you start building a clientele, you’ve got a world of your own!


The unanimous cry of every student in the university is the lack of money. Most of you out at the university may be grumbling over all the goodies that you couldn’t buy.  But then, we are on the verge of adulthood and it is high time we stopped reaching out to our parents for money. How about earning them by yourself? Sounds like a laborious task? Not at all! We are the digital natives and there is not a moment we are out of the reach of technology. So, why don’t you use them for freelancing? Set up your business profile and put yourself across the table of the recruiters on the job portals of HireOwl!


Most of us out here are merely willing to attend university because almost everything we’d want to learn is available on the internet. Given this attitude about something as basic as education, one can imagine the chances a work environment would stand. Being the first generation of digital natives, we’re great with using technology for our convenience – from the automated doors to robots; we hustle within our comforts. This is probably why freelancing seems to be an attractive pursuit for all – specifically college seniors. Study during the day, work in the evenings or even over the weekends. Everything happens at your word. What is more liberating than getting to choose your employer, the place where you’d want to work and even the pay scale you would like?


All you need is a stable internet connection, a phone, a laptop (or you might visit a net café) and an account on HireOwl – you are all set to connect with the greats of the industry!



Move aside millennials, here comes the next generation of workers – Gen Z!

Constituting over a quarter of the American population, Gen Z is the first digital natives who are gradually transforming the work arena into a digital capsule. Although a major chunk of this generation of young adults is still in colleges and universities, they’ve elegantly begun to swipe into the corporate world.

What was the driving force behind such ingenious talent?

Their resolve to succeed stems from the economically uncertain environment they’ve been brought up in. Having grown up watching their millennial predecessors being plagued by student loans, these digital natives were determined to not put themselves through such financial insecurities. The tech-savvy gen Z is an intellectual bunch of young professionals who are eager to learn and mold themselves to meet the corporate standards.These young professionals who are just out of school work for the cause of their heart, and not just for mere financial compensation. That is probably why most of them are into freelancing, because, they bring their own luck.

So, what are the most probable jobs that our media-savvy young adults would love to do? Here are a few:


Generation-Z has no life without technology. Having been raised in a highly automated environment, technology is engrained into their survival instincts. Life today is driven by their apps, from the quantity of water intake to the hours of sleep you manage to get; these young adults have got an eye for detail and a mind that is inventive enough to develop applications that cater to real-world needs. Being a technocratic troop of youngsters, it is no great surprise to find the sophomores at college come up with innovative application-based solutions for day to day issues.


We are a global community, a communion of different people of distinct linguistics. Yet, we’ve managed to unite across borders and to flourish as a corporate firm. Such synergy among people of different nations wouldn’t have been possible without the help of translators. A second language you’d learned in high school or a new language interest that you’d been pursuing in college, all of them give you the authenticity to take up positions in several industries. From the film making to lawsuits, the world is yours to pick!


A new brand is springing up with every passing minute. And, who can be a better influencer other than the social media-centric gen-Z? With every fragment of your lives out in public, a position as a social media marketer will be an easy click for these insanely popular young adults.


From advertising to branding and to web design, graphic designers are an elegant ensemble of a technocrat and an artist. A new generation brings in a newer thought process with an artistic ingenuity that portrays simple aspects of a brand in an entirely newer dimension with a touch of modern technology, making the digital natives the perfect picks of the era.

13 Ways to Get Freelancing Client’s Come to You

13 Ways to Get Freelancing Client’s Come to You

One of the biggest challenges in freelancing is getting clients due to rising competition day by day. Freelancers spend more of their time in looking client than working. There are many easier ways to get client instead of spending money on paid marketing.

Below are 13 best ways to attract clients and get the project:

1. Good Work Always Pay Off (Power of Referral): If you are in online business then you must work on quality instead of quantity. As reviews given by your clients are really important for you. This brings more clients. Some time your ex-clients refer you to their groups which is really good for you. So do good work and you will get more clients.

2. Have a clear and clean profile (online resume), promote it: There are many online websites which give latest techniques of online resume or portfolio so go for it, best one is Don’t forget to market your portfolio via social media and many new SEO ways.

3. Start your blog: Nowadays Content marketing is on the rise these days. So start your own personal blog. Sharing your ideas and latest trends will surely attract many clients and they will ask you to work for them or if you are so lucky that they can ask to promote their services through your blog.

4. Go for guest blogging: When you write for others than you put yourself in front of more people. Thus this gives you more attention and hence new clients.

5. Believe in some creativity: Not only writing but there are many other ways which can increase your chances, those are
_ Illustrations

6. Market through LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the best way to get clients by presenting yourself completely. It also provides us with a feature of writing blogs hence you can also showcase your skills here.

7. Keep your social media updated: Online means always express your ideas and thoughts. So for that reason always share your thoughts via your personal social media profiles.

8. Create profiles in your niche relevant websites: Your niche always brings you work. So there are many online niche relevant websites which are really good for you like for photographers is Flicker, videographers are Vimeo, developers are Github etc.

9. Attend Meetups & Conferences: Don’t miss the meetups and conferences, as there you can represent yourself personally to many clients and thus you get the high chance of impressing them.

10. Always Speak-up: Don’t feel shy or hesitate if you get chance to speak at any event or conference. Sharing new ideas with the people might impress some and thus they can pay you for your service.

11. Co-working: Co-working is like joining groups of freelancers and meeting them personally. There are many spaces available where this happens. So this is all about networking yourself and getting your work done with the help of others.

12. Join Relevant Forums: Nowadays there are many online relevant forums where you can participate in discussions and can represent yourself. The best way is with Quora. Here you have to Answer many relevant questions thus you can get a new way to work.

13. Follow the experts in your field and keep in touch with them: Always update yourself with the case studies of famous people in your relevant field. And don’t forget to reach them.

Hence, bringing client is an art and it is all about link building.