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HireOwl Announces Career Coaching Services!

HireOwl Announces Career Coaching Services!

HireOwl Team is excited to announce its partnership with some of the best career coaches in the US to offer career coaching to its students.

When attending college, students frequently choose to pursue different avenues, some party, some play sports, and others try their hardest to study and do well on their exams. But what sets each of them apart from one another after they receive their diplomas, is the amount of experience they’ve had in the professional working environment. Have you ever found yourself lost on the path of knowledge, unable to figure out where to go next? If you’ve ever wished to have a chance to learn and be exposed to the way professionals think and function in your career field then we have the tool for you.

HireOwl is proud to present career coaching on our platform which connects students with mentors in their fields. This program allows you the student, to connect with mentors in the career path you’re studying for. The biggest advantage a student can have is experience, it helps in applying for a job after graduation or meeting a prerequisite for graduate school. Students of all levels are encouraged to participate in this program you can apply whether you are a senior or freshman, but currently enrolled student are preferred.

If you are still unsure on wether or not you should consider applying for this golden opportunity consider these reasons. The benefits of getting a career coach is that they can show you the failures that they faced when they were in your position.

Forbes states that “Through the use of career coaching individuals find a balance between personal and professional life, leading them to increase the amount of revenue by roughly 4% annually.” (, 2015).

On average students who use career coaching feel “25% more concentrated on business related tasks” and tend to find success in any new business undertaking. By finding out what errors they’ve made it cuts out a lot of time testing methods to attain success. Another benefit to having a career coach is that they can help you in networking. By getting additional exposure to members high up in your field you have a higher chance getting a kickstart on your career. In order to be the first to sign up for our new career coaching follow this link.

Why students should participate in the HireOwl referral program

Why students should participate in the HireOwl referral program

Hello Student! We have a couple of questions for you:

  1. Are you a university student who has many connections with your peers on campus?
  2. Are you interested in setting up a network of people who will grow and progress with you?

At HireOwl you are given the opportunity to invite your peers to join you on your career seeking adventure. Through the “Refer a Friend” system every time you get somebody to sign up and apply for a job you make money. By recruiting enough of your friends you can make up to 2,000 dollars, and since you’re inviting your friends it encourages more employers to post jobs as they notice that there are more potential employees.

Having the ability to recruit your friends to the website gives you a great skill which is social marketing. By learning social marketing at an early stage in your career development you’ll become a more valuable asset to any corporation as this is something that can generate sales for any business.

With tools provided by HireOwl you’ll be able to see how successful you are in your recruiting process by tracking your stats in the “Referral” section on your profile. Most importantly this opportunity gives you a chance to see what your friends are skilled in.

With a powerful social network you’ll be able to enter any career field with your peers and be able to start an entry level business. If you’re looking for more information on how our referral program works in a step by step system feel free to follow this link.

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Referral program announcement

Referral program announcement

HireOwl, a fast-growing student employment network, is pleased to announce a Student Referral Program. Students can now earn money by inviting other students to sign up and apply for a job.

HireOwl pays $5 for every student you invite who signs up and applies for a job.


Here are the details:

  • Invite your friends by entering their emails or sharing on social media.
  • Easily track your invitations, signs up and job applications
  • Once you earn $25 or more, redeem your rewards.
  • HireOwl will transfer $ directly to your account.

Students can easily track their earnings and request a direct payment to their bank account.


Referral awards

Give it a try!

HireOwl Referral Program

A New Look at the Student Profile

A New Look at the Student Profile

HireOwl rolls out a new user interface for students to build their personal, professional and video profile. The UI comes with simple and easy to use navigation that helps students describe their background and skills. The new video profile is powered by the best-in-class WebRTC protocol from IntegriVideo. Students can now record or upload their intro videos boosting their profile appeal. If you’re a student, come and check it out. Record an introductory video of yourself answering a few suggested questions. It only takes a few minutes. Employers will love it!


How Jobs for Full-Time Students Can Shape Your Company’s Future

How Jobs for Full-Time Students Can Shape Your Company’s Future

What does the future of the workplace look like to you? Thanks to the rise of the digital age and the after-effects of the 2008 recession, the students who are now entering the job market are more different than their employers than ever before. Millennials are used to having everything they need at their fingertips—from ordering food to booking vacations—which doesn’t always translate well with those of earlier generations who have had to go through more channels to get what they want. However it’s a great fallacy to think that this makes younger candidates any less hirable, or even desirable. In fact, with a bit of coaching, they can be a huge asset to your company.

The secret to shaping the future workplace lies in supplying jobs for full-time students

Just as they use mobile technology to buy movie tickets, students do the same when it comes to finding work. Gone are the days when established companies send representatives to a select few universities in order to uncover those who might fit in at their three-month summer internship programs. Instead, students need only flick their fingers a few times on a computer or smartphone before they uncover the wide variety of opportunities available to them. This can result in your receiving more applications from a higher quality pool of students, multiplying the work you need to do in identifying top prospects.

But while this might rock the boat a bit, it also brings some great benefits to you, the recruiter. While there are certainly many who have flourished under the established summer internship system, there’s no doubt you have also encountered pupils who don’t fit in at all. Perhaps they just weren’t interested in your industry after all and found it hard to be motivated. Perhaps they were overwhelmed with the amount of work required on a daily basis. Perhaps they weren’t quite ready for  the newfound freedom that comes with moving to a big city for the summer. Whatever the reason, in hindsight you can’t help but feel like the internship was a waste of time for both sides.

Today, you can curb these instances by pairing your internship program with part-time work for full-time students. Thanks to mobile technology (again), students need not be available to you in person in order for you to test drive their skills and see how they meet deadlines, follow directions and exhibit professionalism. Even better, their familiarity with the changing digital world might just help you find innovative new ways to reach your client base and move people through the sales funnel. In a way, you’re creating your own reference for them rather than relying on people you have never met before.

And while these students are helping you, you get to help them too. Whatever you envision for the future of your workplace, you can instill these traits in your future hires early on via smaller tasks that take much less of your time than the three months of a traditional internship. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for HireOwl today to see the students who qualify for your positions, review their resumes and see what other work they have already performed.

The Benefits of Starting with a Startup Company After College

The Benefits of Starting with a Startup Company After College

If the word “startup” conjures visions of ping-pong tables, beer-stocked refrigerators and flip-flop-clad employees, you’re not alone… and you’re often correct! But startups today have evolved past what spawned from Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room or Steve Jobs’s garage into a wide range of work environments. The 2008 recession and a tough job market have encouraged many entrepreneurs to get creative in their ideas but disciplined in their methods. It’s important not to write off startups as you begin your job search. In today’s post we’ll delve into some of the many benefits to starting your career with one of these companies.

The benefits of starting your career at a startup company

You can make your own role

As we implied above, the definition of a “startup” is still up for grabs. However there are two consistent elements in the definitions that exist: size and age. Startups are generally younger companies with fewer employees, which can be the perfect environment to test your ambition.

Most businesses that are smaller in size ask employees to “wear many hats,” contributing to tasks and problems that might be outside of their specific job descriptions. Pair this with the ever-evolving nature of a startup as its founders bring focus to their product, and you have an opportunity to write your own starring role. Do you think the business could have a better social media presence? Do you see an opportunity to try out a new platform for internal communication? Is there a different way you can leverage certain tools to analyze data? Then speak up! This often requires extra work for no additional pay while you identify a problem and find a means to solve it, but this can pay off in spades if it causes you to receive a promotion or lead a team in turn. In other words, wear the hats!

You can learn from example

Perhaps one of the most unsung benefits of starting your career with a startup is the transparency into the business side of business. Many of the larger, more established companies expect their employees to find out about company news through quarterly filings, infrequent all-hands meetings or carefully edited emails. On the other side, many startup leaders are candid with their employees about partnership opportunities or potential mergers or acquisitions.

This phenomenon is partly because of the smaller number of people involved and partly due to more frequent dealings on a smaller scale than a nationwide corporation. So if you’ve ever wondered what goes into opening a second office or expanding a product to fit different industries, a startup can be a great place to learn firsthand. And since you’re an employee and not an owner, you can gain the knowledge from these experiences without assuming the risk.

You can use it as a jumping-off point

Some people start a 10-year plan for climbing the corporate ladder as soon as they graduate college, and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you want. Others want to use their first job (or two) as an experiment to see what types of environments and roles they enjoy. For the most part, the nature of the startup forces founders to accept that, as the company or product evolves, so too will the interests and needs of their staff. If you’re seeking room for improvisation and the chance to hone your skills (the same skills desired by the bigger firms, I might add), there’s certainly a place for you in the startup world.