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The Growing Trend of Video Interviews

The Growing Trend of Video Interviews

Finding the right candidate can be challenging and time-consuming. “Companies are implementing video interviews more and more, and people are actually getting hired faster now, because it’s less time and less aggravation on both ends,” says Paul J. Bailo, a digital executive and author of “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook.”

By adding video to the interview process, organizations and recruiters can quickly pre-screen multiple candidates at once, and observe verbal cues and body language to choose the right candidates.

Video interviews give employers the chance to test a candidate’s on-screen presence, but that’s not the only reason for this growing trend. Organizations state that conducting initial interviews with video saves them time, money and scheduling headaches and allows them to see more candidates than they would be able to manage otherwise. Recruiters can replay or review anything that catches their eye and compare candidates to narrow down the field before inviting a selection for a face-to-face interview or to an assessment centre.

While traditional interview processes probably aren’t going away any time soon, the time- and cost-saving benefits of interviewing someone via video, and its ability to transcend geographical barriers, will eventually lead to a significant reduction in face-to-face interviews. Video interviewing increases speed of hire, allowing recruiters to focus more time and energy on the best candidates.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2030 the hyper-connected, tech savvy generation of millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. This new wave of people are tech literate, and accustomed to being connected anywhere, at any time. Thanks to the rise of mobile, cloud and social, millennials are used to flexibility, openness and instantly connecting with people regardless of their location. By adding video and collaboration features such as chat to the early stages of the interview process, employers can help millennial feel connected, and create the experience similar to social platforms.

At HireOwl, we believe that video is an essential part of today’s workplace. Based on the latest WebRTC protocol, HireOwl video is supported by most browsers and doesn’t require installing any additional software. With HireOwl, you can watch students’ video resumes, chat with them, share files or engage in a live video meeting.

Watch a mashup of cinema’s most disastrous job interview scenes—do you think these companies could have benefited by doing video interviews?

Where to Find Best SAT/ACT Tutors

Where to Find Best SAT/ACT Tutors

Universities across America have a stockpile of currently enrolled students who, in their free time enjoy tutoring their friends and peers. Most of these tutors work as either language class tutors such as Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and French, or they enjoy tutoring students in math, English, and standard testing exams. HireOwl connects with these students and gives them the opportunity to not only help freshmen through seniors in college get perfect grades on their exams, but offer them the opportunity to get positions as workers that can help you reach your personal goals. Whether it be tutoring for the SAT’s or ACT’s, or a teaching English to children across the world, we have the most qualified students at your fingertips.

You may be asking yourself why these students are right for you, the answer is simple. The students partnered with our service have excelled in their fields of studies. For example, SAT or ACT tutors understand the material on the exam and are even recommended by CollegeBoard. The official statement from the CollegeBoard is, “Using a tutor may increase individual scores by 50 points. This translates to an increase of 150 points on your composite score” (, 2016). This could assist in your customer satisfaction and customer retention. Additionally many of our language tutors are foreign exchange students that came to America in order to further their studies and are excited to teach you languages they have known their whole lives.

Through the use of video tutoring paired with our new video resume system you can pick and choose which tutors are the best for the situation and job you are offering. Many of the tutors who display their resumes on HireOwl have been tutors for over 3 years, and through the analysis of their prior work history have been successful with positive reviews. These are the same students that will be advertised to you and will apply to your listing through our service.

When you begin your search for tutors make sure to check out the video profiles that are featured in their applications because you may find yourself with the right person almost instantly. To get started with your search with us feel free to post a job listing by following this link.

Who You Should Hire for Marketing Projects

Who You Should Hire for Marketing Projects

When thinking of hiring employees for marketing positions employers must consider which generations are most exposed to the ever evolving methods of marketing. Within the past 10 years, internet marketing has become an extremely viable way for any business to increase their income and in addition earn recurring customers. As an employer you may be asking yourself “What is internet marketing?” and in short internet marketing is the promotion of your product through different social avenues such as networks, forums, and niche sites. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all have wide audiences and are niche specific, so it’s beneficial to some of research on which social network your business would thrive best in.

Upon searching for talent in marketing and posting job openings on career sites, employers must recognize that currently, enrolled students are their most viable tools in order to successfully develop a marketing strategy for their business. Since students have used social media since early adolescence, some even as early as eleven years old, they have garnered the skills to know the absolute ins and outs of every social media and networking platform. While they may have not yet used social networks as tools to promote your business, in particular, they have learned how to use hashtags, links, and keywords to gain exposure on the internet. With these tools in hand, it takes little adaptation to create a positive social media and marketing presence for your business. Students should be your prime source for marketing as they have been around the tools you need to seek new audiences the longest.

Whether you are looking for new customers or trying to stabilize your monthly income, consider hiring students for marketing positions at your business. To find out potential student candidates for your marketing positions feel free to try HireOwl, a fast growing student employment network.

Why video chatting with employers is more likely to land you a job

Why video chatting with employers is more likely to land you a job

When faced with the interview process you may find yourself playing long games of phone tag, messages that go unanswered, and delayed responses. A good way to avoid all of these problems is to utilize video chat. Due to the fact all laptops come equipped with webcams it is unlikely that you will find an employer who isn’t able to video chat.

Some of the benefits of video chatting include having the ability to convey professionalism to your employer. With the right attire and environment you can give off the impression that you are interested in the landing whatever position that you are applying for, which will always impress the employer.

Additionally as an employee you have the ability to see whether or not the working environment is suitable for you. On average having a face to face conversation with your employer’s increases your chances of getting hired by 27%*. This puts you substantially ahead of the ever increasing competition and makes you look better than your peers to the employer.

Video interviews also give the employer the ability to show visuals while having a conversation in order to make sure that specific details are fulfilled. Because most video platforms require an installations of certain programs we at HireOwl decided to cut out the middleman and bring video chatting straight to the student and employer.

Create a professional video for your profile to show employers your interests and skills and increase your chance of kickstarting a career doing something you love.


*, 2017.

HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

The HireOwl Team is thrilled to announce that the HireOwl service is now available to foreign students studying at Universities outside of the United States. Students from any university in the world can now sign up, create a profile and apply for a job. Foreign students can work remotely, or leverage the internship on-boarding service recently offered by HireOwl.

This big step will offer HireOwl employer clients a larger and more diversified workforce. At HireOwl, we strongly believe that with a larger student workforce, employers will have more choices and will be able to fill their positions faster.

For many foreign students this is a great opportunity to gain work experience at any company globally and earn a competitive pay.

HireOwl will now support payments to students located in the following countries:

Australia Canada Denmark Finland
France Ireland Japan Norway
Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States
Austria Belgium Germany Hong Kong
Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Portugal Switzerland Singapore


Almost every growing business is trying to leverage the power of global distributed workforce in today’s economy.  At HireOwl, we fully understand the challenges involved when working or managing such teams. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to succeed in such environment. We believe that Web-based video is a critical component in the today’s workplace.

Our recently announced partnership with enabled us to offer our clients the technology to connect, collaborate and stay engaged throughout the project.

Hire a foreign student now!

Onboard an International Intern!

Onboard an International Intern!

Summer is approaching soon. Have you thought of hiring an international intern?

This is a perfect opportunity to get things done in a cost-effective manner! And it’s not too late.

HireOwl now helps US employers hire and onboard European Students.

We help you

  • Connect with a diverse pool of students from Top Universities in Europe (Undergrad, Masters, PHD)
  • Interview candidates online
  • We assist with the VISA process and immigration
  • We guide new hires through the relocation, housing, help them adjust
  • 24/7 support during the internship

We make the process simple for you. Just following these steps.

  1. Post your job on HireOwl
  2. Interview candidates and make an offer
  3. Request onboarding
  4. Candidate arrives and joins your team

Get started NOW!

A New Look at the Student Profile

A New Look at the Student Profile

HireOwl rolls out a new user interface for students to build their personal, professional and video profile. The UI comes with simple and easy to use navigation that helps students describe their background and skills. The new video profile is powered by the best-in-class WebRTC protocol from IntegriVideo. Students can now record or upload their intro videos boosting their profile appeal. If you’re a student, come and check it out. Record an introductory video of yourself answering a few suggested questions. It only takes a few minutes. Employers will love it!


Exciting Improvements and Pricing Changes

Exciting Improvements and Pricing Changes

Dear Employers,

We are excited to let you know that we are in the process of improving our service. You may have noticed the new website and improvements in speed.
You’ll see major improvements in students profiles and great video capabilities coming soon.

We have also taken steps to simplify our pricing:

we now offer a single plan of $20 per month for each open job.

You can see the pricing also on our website

Timesheets will continue to be supported. The transaction fee will only be 5% (to cover bank charges), instead of the 20% we used to charge.

Please let us know how we can make our service better for you.

The HireOwl Team

Developing a Student Recruitment Plan Using Part-Time Work

Developing a Student Recruitment Plan Using Part-Time Work

The decision to leverage students’ talents through part-time “test drive” opportunities can be greatly beneficial to your business. But as important as it is to identify an immediate problem the student can solve, you must also think about the future. How do you know if this one assignment will give you a true representation of how this student might fit in at your company? In this post, we’ll provide you with a recruitment rubric that you can use while you’re leveraging part-time work for students.

Measuring the success of your student recruitment plan with part-time work

Modernising the traditional internship system

Let’s take a step back and consider the traditional college-recruiting environment. Many companies have established internship programs, where they hire by asking for an essay or cover letter and a transcript before conducting an in-person or phone interview. Then the student spends an entire summer working for the company on a full-time basis. This may be the norm now, but there are several aspects of this method that require updating.

First, how informative can an essay or cover letter truly be? Even if it is sophisticated, concise, and well-conceived, what does it tell you about someone’s ability to think on his or her feet? How do you know if this person will fit in with your company culture until he or she is exposed to it? These are the questions that can only be answered through actual experience working together, even if the position is remote.

Second, in today’s fast-paced business environment, three months is a very long time to give someone a test drive at your company. If the fit isn’t a good one, for whatever reason, that can mean an extra two months or more of both sides feeling unhappy with the decision.

Creating a rubric for success

Part-time projects give students the opportunity to back up what they claim on their resumes. For example, if you’re looking for a student to help you write marketing content, you have probably asked your applicants to submit writing samples. But how do you know that they were actually written by these students? Even if the student conducted all the research and posted the finished piece to his or her personal blog, how do you know that it wasn’t heavily edited by someone else? Through a short-term assignment, you can judge his or her writing or editing skills for yourself.

This is why it’s imperative to pair the right student with a project that not only emphasises the student’s skills, but also serves as a fair representation of the work to come if you were to offer him or her a full-time job. Even though different industries and roles have their own required skills, there are some catch-all indicators that can let you know whether you’re on the right track:

  • Does the student meet the deadlines you set?
  • Does the student follow directions? How different is the end product of the project from what you asked for at the beginning?
  • Does the student ask questions, rather than assuming he or she knows the answers?
  • Is the student willing to conduct additional research to get the job done well?
  • How well does the student take feedback and constructive criticism?

Once you have your rubric in place—including any other aspects you’re seeking to connect with your company culture—try it out on a few different students. It’s a win-win-win situation: You get the help you need with a project. The student has the opportunity to see what it would be like to work with you. And at the same time you get a real sense as to whether you’d like to offer this student a job in the future.

Want to hear what sort of work other companies have been entrusting to students? Check out our Student Spotlight series for examples.

How Jobs for Full-Time Students Can Shape Your Company’s Future

How Jobs for Full-Time Students Can Shape Your Company’s Future

What does the future of the workplace look like to you? Thanks to the rise of the digital age and the after-effects of the 2008 recession, the students who are now entering the job market are more different than their employers than ever before. Millennials are used to having everything they need at their fingertips—from ordering food to booking vacations—which doesn’t always translate well with those of earlier generations who have had to go through more channels to get what they want. However it’s a great fallacy to think that this makes younger candidates any less hirable, or even desirable. In fact, with a bit of coaching, they can be a huge asset to your company.

The secret to shaping the future workplace lies in supplying jobs for full-time students

Just as they use mobile technology to buy movie tickets, students do the same when it comes to finding work. Gone are the days when established companies send representatives to a select few universities in order to uncover those who might fit in at their three-month summer internship programs. Instead, students need only flick their fingers a few times on a computer or smartphone before they uncover the wide variety of opportunities available to them. This can result in your receiving more applications from a higher quality pool of students, multiplying the work you need to do in identifying top prospects.

But while this might rock the boat a bit, it also brings some great benefits to you, the recruiter. While there are certainly many who have flourished under the established summer internship system, there’s no doubt you have also encountered pupils who don’t fit in at all. Perhaps they just weren’t interested in your industry after all and found it hard to be motivated. Perhaps they were overwhelmed with the amount of work required on a daily basis. Perhaps they weren’t quite ready for  the newfound freedom that comes with moving to a big city for the summer. Whatever the reason, in hindsight you can’t help but feel like the internship was a waste of time for both sides.

Today, you can curb these instances by pairing your internship program with part-time work for full-time students. Thanks to mobile technology (again), students need not be available to you in person in order for you to test drive their skills and see how they meet deadlines, follow directions and exhibit professionalism. Even better, their familiarity with the changing digital world might just help you find innovative new ways to reach your client base and move people through the sales funnel. In a way, you’re creating your own reference for them rather than relying on people you have never met before.

And while these students are helping you, you get to help them too. Whatever you envision for the future of your workplace, you can instill these traits in your future hires early on via smaller tasks that take much less of your time than the three months of a traditional internship. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for HireOwl today to see the students who qualify for your positions, review their resumes and see what other work they have already performed.