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Why video chatting with employers is more likely to land you a job

Why video chatting with employers is more likely to land you a job

When faced with the interview process you may find yourself playing long games of phone tag, messages that go unanswered, and delayed responses. A good way to avoid all of these problems is to utilize video chat. Due to the fact all laptops come equipped with webcams it is unlikely that you will find an employer who isn’t able to video chat.

Some of the benefits of video chatting include having the ability to convey professionalism to your employer. With the right attire and environment you can give off the impression that you are interested in the landing whatever position that you are applying for, which will always impress the employer.

Additionally as an employee you have the ability to see whether or not the working environment is suitable for you. On average having a face to face conversation with your employer’s increases your chances of getting hired by 27%*. This puts you substantially ahead of the ever increasing competition and makes you look better than your peers to the employer.

Video interviews also give the employer the ability to show visuals while having a conversation in order to make sure that specific details are fulfilled. Because most video platforms require an installations of certain programs we at HireOwl decided to cut out the middleman and bring video chatting straight to the student and employer.

Create a professional video for your profile to show employers your interests and skills and increase your chance of kickstarting a career doing something you love.


*, 2017.

Announcement: HireOwl Video Meetings

Announcement: HireOwl Video Meetings


Team HireOwl is thrilled to announce general availability of instant video meetings, powered by innovative video technology from IntegriVideo. 


HireOwl video is built into the existing chat component, and makes it easy for students and employers to connect via live video—anytime, anywhere. Based on the latest WebRTC protocol, HireOwl video is supported by most browsers and doesn’t require installing any additional software.

How it works

HireOwl video naturally ties into existing workflows—students and employers can meet for interviews or new assignments. It’s also great for regular check-ins. Just start a video meeting to see a person face-to-face, and discuss progress on a project. All video sessions are automatically recorded and available for playback. 

Why video

Did you know that up to 65% of communications in meetings are non-verbal? With video, you can better understand the meaning by observing verbal cues and body language. And video is a powerful tool to build strong, ongoing work relationships with remote teams—we feel more engaged and connected when we see each other’s facial expressions.

What’s next

At HireOwl, we believe that video is an essential part of today’s workplace. Log into your HireOwl account and use video for your next meeting. 

About HireOwl is a fast-growing student employment network, helping thousands of students around the world find jobs and internships. HireOwl offers employers an easy way to connect to a large network of students to quickly fill their positions. HireOwl integrates real-time video and collaboration technologies as a complete solution for hiring and virtual workspace.

About IntegriVideo offers industry-leading video solutions in the form of web components, such as WebRTC-based video, chat, recording, file sharing and much more. IntegriVideo offers an advanced analytics platform for real-time analytics and monitoring, which allows subscribers to scale and optimize their offering.
HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

The HireOwl Team is thrilled to announce that the HireOwl service is now available to foreign students studying at Universities outside of the United States. Students from any university in the world can now sign up, create a profile and apply for a job. Foreign students can work remotely, or leverage the internship on-boarding service recently offered by HireOwl.

This big step will offer HireOwl employer clients a larger and more diversified workforce. At HireOwl, we strongly believe that with a larger student workforce, employers will have more choices and will be able to fill their positions faster.

For many foreign students this is a great opportunity to gain work experience at any company globally and earn a competitive pay.

HireOwl will now support payments to students located in the following countries:

Australia Canada Denmark Finland
France Ireland Japan Norway
Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States
Austria Belgium Germany Hong Kong
Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Portugal Switzerland Singapore


Almost every growing business is trying to leverage the power of global distributed workforce in today’s economy.  At HireOwl, we fully understand the challenges involved when working or managing such teams. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to succeed in such environment. We believe that Web-based video is a critical component in the today’s workplace.

Our recently announced partnership with enabled us to offer our clients the technology to connect, collaborate and stay engaged throughout the project.

Hire a foreign student now!

Top 3 Summer Jobs for Students

Top 3 Summer Jobs for Students

Every summer thousands of students suffer with the task of battling through job interviews, awkward networking, and fierce competition for opportunities for employment. This summer make it easier on yourself and earn some money by working as one of these 3 positions!


Many companies seek summer time interns and in our advancing society it’s becoming more commonplace to find internship positions that actually pay for your work. Whether it’s traveling to Boston or New York City, or just working at your local accounting firm, many businesses seek interns and are willing to pay more than minimum wage. Interning may seem difficult at first but it provides a chance to kickstart your career and if you do a great job could land you a permanent spot in the business.

Freelance Writing

So you’ve just finished submitting that last eight page paper as your final and you don’t want to look at another writing assignment until next year. That’s okay but there is a whole other world out there that you haven’t explored yet! By writing about your favorite sports teams, bands, or television shows you can get paid a lot for the content you produce. Learning a little bit about SEO or Search Engine Optimization you can gain the tools you need to write for any company you’d like. Freelance writing allows you to use your now learned expertise in writing in college to make you money. A lot of students use their summer to pursue freelance writing which not only gives them a steady source of income, but also improves their writing.

Customer Service

Now this may seem like a position that will require you to sit long hours at a telephone answering easy questions but it’s not! Most customer support jobs allow you to travel around your city helping those who need it the most, and any successful business from large to small needs a good customer service team to help out. Whether it be electronically by filing paperwork, or in person by helping solve difficult problems customer service positions are usually a good entry-level position that allows you to make a stable income during the summer.

Hopefully some of these positions seemed appealing to you and helped you find inspiration for a job this summer. If you want to see if these positions are available in your local neighborhood feel free to sign-up for HireOwl, submit your resume, and search away.

Referral program announcement

Referral program announcement

HireOwl, a fast-growing student employment network, is pleased to announce a Student Referral Program. Students can now earn money by inviting other students to sign up and apply for a job.

HireOwl pays $5 for every student you invite who signs up and applies for a job.


Here are the details:

  • Invite your friends by entering their emails or sharing on social media.
  • Easily track your invitations, signs up and job applications
  • Once you earn $25 or more, redeem your rewards.
  • HireOwl will transfer $ directly to your account.

Students can easily track their earnings and request a direct payment to their bank account.


Referral awards

Give it a try!

HireOwl Referral Program

A New Look at the Student Profile

A New Look at the Student Profile

HireOwl rolls out a new user interface for students to build their personal, professional and video profile. The UI comes with simple and easy to use navigation that helps students describe their background and skills. The new video profile is powered by the best-in-class WebRTC protocol from IntegriVideo. Students can now record or upload their intro videos boosting their profile appeal. If you’re a student, come and check it out. Record an introductory video of yourself answering a few suggested questions. It only takes a few minutes. Employers will love it!


HireOwl Partners with for Web-based Video

HireOwl Partners with for Web-based Video

Partnership Announcement is thrilled to announce that it’s partnering with to integrate advanced video and collaboration capabilities into its current service offering.

With the new collaboration features, employers will enjoy new tools to meet and interview students remotely. Adoption of these technologies will result in significant time-savings and better hiring decisions. Students will get a better chance to get to know their future employer before accepting a job offer.

These collaboration capabilities will also enable employers and students to interact with each other on a regular basis, creating a  virtual workspace for them discuss new assignments, plan deliverables and review the results.

At we believe that this technology enables us to deliver a complete solution to employers for recruiting and working with the technology-savvy millennial workforce.

About a fast growing student employment network, helping students find part-time jobs and internships.

About offers industry leading video solutions to its clients in the form of web components, such as webrtc-based video, chat, recording, file sharing and many more. Its advanced analytics platform offers real-time analytics and monitoring of the service allowing for better scale and optimization.

How to Keep It Positive When Finding Jobs Takes Time

How to Keep It Positive When Finding Jobs Takes Time

As your college days are beginning to dwindle, receiving job rejections can take its toll on your psyche. It can feel like everyone around you has already signed a job contract while you’re the only one without prospects. And then when you finally do get an acceptance, it’s easy to rush into something that might not be the best fit in order to join the club, which can be short-lived if you decide to leave.

What to do when the process of finding jobs gets you down

Know your strengths

This, of course, is something that you should be doing before you even begin to write your first cover letter. But we encourage you to go beyond listing only that which sounds good to an employer. Take a good chunk of time to sit back and think about what makes you great, even outside of the business mindset. Maybe you’re a team player; what specific teams have you been a part of and what accomplishments did you achieve together? Or maybe you’re a good public speaker; when did you rouse a group of people to do something well? When did you perform in front of others—maybe with an instrument or in a theatrical event—to applause or acclaim?

When you create a resume, it’s usually the personal things like this that get shoved to the bottom or deleted in an effort to keep it to one page. But don’t just get rid of them entirely. Instead, write a new list that you get to keep for yourself. In addition to serving as an easy-access grab bag of conversation topics with recruiters—especially for those with whom you have something in common—this can be just what you need to stay positive.

Find your best fit

“Company culture” is a buzzy phrase that has permeated the business world. Some point to companies like Google and Facebook, which have brought the casual, perk-laden business environment to the forefront. Others point to the recession, which caused businesses to find other ways to retain employees than promotions and raises that they couldn’t afford. Whatever the source, company culture has become a mainstay.

Due to this, more businesses than ever are upfront about what defines their culture, especially because many of them have developed it after much trial, error, and research. This is why you can often find descriptions of company culture on the business’s own website as well as in its job postings and easily searchable Slideshares.

The reason we suggest that you spend a good amount of time understanding a company’s culture before you apply to join is because it gives you an idea of where you might fit best. You might not love the Google environment after all. Maybe you prefer to wear a suit and speak directly with clients. Or maybe you prefer to work on your own with minimal collaboration and don’t need all the community hoopla that other people prize. The point is that everyone’s different, and so is every company. Knowing yourself and precisely what you want will help you not only land a job, but also stay happy. And if you realize it wasn’t a good fit to begin with, you can keep your chin up and know that it wasn’t meant to be.

Be useful and productive

Just because you haven’t received a job offer yet doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and do nothing. Find ways to fill your time and contribute to something. That could mean building your own blog to learn the ins and outs of site design and SEO. You could take advantage of short-term opportunities that help you build lasting relationships and potential references, even if it’s in a different field than you pictured yourself working in. Perhaps there’s a volunteering or freelance opportunity you’ve always wanted to try. The list goes on.

In addition to helping you feel productive and boosting your morale while you wait for an offer, these opportunities might even help you get a job in the future. You’ll be networking and expanding your interests, which might be the clincher that makes a recruiter take interest in you. Rejection is a necessary part of trying, so embrace the time it gives you and do something that helps you stand out.

Best Practices in Asking for an Employment Reference

Best Practices in Asking for an Employment Reference

When it comes time to apply to a job, whether for the summer months or full-time after graduation, it’s easy to get nervous. Many of us have been programmed not to brag about our accomplishments, so it can be particularly intimidating to ask someone else to do it for us. But fear not. The truth is if you ask the right person and prepare them adequately, he or she might be honored to serve as a reference for you. In this post, we’ll delve into how and why.

How to set up a successful employment reference

Know who you’re asking

It might seem easy just to ask whoever seems the most important, but you really want to ask someone who can speak to you. Recruiters can spot a generic fill-in-the-blanks reference on paper a mile away, and it’s also pretty obvious to detect it over the phone as well. Worse yet, you could accidentally ask someone who gives you a bad reference, and it’s very difficult to bounce back from that. So before you march up to the CEO or someone else who might not know you that well, consider someone with whom you’ve made a meaningful, professional connection.

Think strategically

Different references serve different purposes. While there is some overlapping, an academic reference can speak to different aspects of your productivity than a supervisor or a peer. Who can give specific examples that point to your willingness to put in extra hours to get the job done? What about your skills as a presenter or salesperson? Or your writing proficiency? Or how you always meet a deadline? Or that time you led a team? Think about what the recruiter is looking for in someone to fill the job. If you know of someone who can cover all the bases in one phone call, great! But chances are you’ll need at least two people, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Ask and discuss

Ask first. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d probably be surprised how often people find themselves on the receiving end of an unexpected call for a reference. Not only is it rude and presumptive to give someone’s name and contact information without his or her permission, but it’s also unfair not to allow that person to prepare. A good reference will ask you if there’s anything in particular you’d like them to speak about. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Sit down and have a discussion with each of the people you’re asking. It’s silly to assume that other people are keeping track of each of your accomplishments—at least as well as you have—so provide them with a brief synopsis. This way you can mention anything you’d like them to speak to in particular. If this sounds like a conversation that would make you uncomfortable, you’re probably not picking the right person. We’ll also add that if you need to ask for discretion, this would be the time.

Follow up

Even if a reference phone call lasts five minutes, those are five minutes that someone has taken out of his or her day to help you. Besides, if you chose the right people, they likely spent some time preparing as well. Show your gratitude by writing a thank-you note and offering to take them out for coffee. You don’t have to go over the top, but some appreciation goes a long way. After all, you may want to ask this person for a reference again in the future. Being gracious can help maintain this relationship even after you leave the company.

If you do convince them to come out for a cup of coffee, use the opportunity to ask how it went and gauge the reaction. If they answer “Great!” and change the subject, they probably don’t want to review the little things. But if they give you some examples of things they highlighted, you can reinforce them during your next interview.

A great reference (or two) can be the key to getting your dream job, so start building them now! It’s never too early to prove yourself. Start with short-term, part-time opportunities you’ve found on the HireOwl platform. You’ll work on real projects that provide potential references with lots of chances to see how great you are.

The Benefits of Being Digital Natives in an Evolving Workforce

The Benefits of Being Digital Natives in an Evolving Workforce

Calling all college students! We have great news: You know more than you think you do.

No, really.

We know that entering the world of job applications and post-graduate planning can be intimidating, especially in a market that seems more competitive than ever. How on earth do you stand a chance next to the girl who built her own digital-marketing platform at age 17? Or the guy who serves as co-president of four different career-based extracurriculars? You’ve probably had people tell you that it’s ok not to be 100 percent certain of what you want to do while you’re still in school, but sometimes it can feel like all evidence points to the contrary.

What digital natives bring to the workforce

We’re going to expand on that good news we gave you earlier: Not only do you know more than you think you do, but you also know more than many of your recruiters when it comes to digital business applications.

You have grown up curating your interests on social media, finding services that are relevant to you on mobile apps, and knowing how to operate a digital camera. You’ve shared your experiences—personal or otherwise—on your blogs and built a place to showcase them with the help of blogging platforms (or maybe even on your own hosted site). You understand the various benefits of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and why you might choose one over the other for a particular type of post.

What you may not realize is that there is so much baked into these accomplishments that recruiters are seeking. Even if your impetus was just blogging for fun, you were developing skills that you can leverage at any job. In building up your social media accounts, you were creating a brand and demonstrating your ability to gather and engage followers. In posting regularly to your blog, you showed an ability to meet deadlines and think of new and interesting ways to discuss a certain topic. In doing even a little bit of SEO, you were becoming accustomed to how Google ranks pages.

In other words, you have already demonstrated a host of abilities that many older employees lack. Just as learning a second language is easier when you are young, so too is understanding all the ins and outs of digital and mobile technologies—the two things that have moved many businesses forward while others lag far behind.

The next time you’re applying to a job and you feel like you don’t have enough experience to even be considered, sit back and take an inventory of what you have accomplished in the digital sphere. One of the best ways to leverage your skills in a way that translates easily to recruiters is to seek part-time, short-term employment while you’re still in school. Rather than traditional internships—where there’s no promise that you’ll actually be getting applicable experience—a learn-and-earn opportunity provides you with a concrete project that you can point to in your cover letters and resumes. You’ll be creating a networking base and gathering references while test-driving certain industries and company types, all without the restrictions of a full-time, long-term job. Check out HireOwl’s job postings today and give yourself the tools you need to grow your confidence. You deserve it!