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Every curriculum vitae ends with a list of “references”. But have you ever wondered how significant this seemingly trivial portion of your portfolio could be? A major fragment of the young job-seekers consider it as an inconsequential addition, that’s just there for the record. On the contrary, a references check forms the crux of every recruitment procedure because they provide the validation of every detail on your CV.


In the beginning of times, references used to be a genuine report of the individual, thus making it an incredibly important facet of the hiring process. However, with the evolution of the employment legislation, employers of today restrict a standard reference to something that simply gives the candidate’s employment history. Conversely, a reference is not merely a written report of your employment tenure; it is a gateway to judge your personality and a compatibility check between the company’s working atmosphere and your capabilities.


How do you get yourself referred by the head of a reputed company whom you had worked under? One customary way is get a written referral from your boss. Now, let us say that you are a graduate who has interned at a specific company. Do you think that your head during this very small tenure of yours, would take some time off his schedule to write about you? Well, some might. But a majority would merely put down your period of internship and nothing more. So, what about that successful project that you’d completed during your tenure? Who is going to speak about your potentials? TeleReference will be your floor!


Almost every job portal in the Internet has got a section for references. But, do they verify your potentials? Predominantly no! Such references could be put up by almost anyone since they not have any mechanism for validation. This is one of the most probable reasons for the minimal number of job invites you’d got. Top-grossing companies stand by credibility and can almost instantly pick out the one with unauthentic references. So, how would you make someone develop an interest in your candidature with absolutely no human connection; but your CV? How would you prove them that your references are credible? Again, TeleReference is your answer!


TeleReference is an automated reference checking platform that is trending throughout the modern workforce. The automated technology provides a registered candidate with valuable references by notifying your contacts from whom you would like to get references.  The platform provides the employer with a choice of recording their reference – on audio, video or even a written reference. The platform cross checks the details with the concerning individuals for their authenticity before being put up for public view.

Our life is adapting to the aftermath of modernization. Our work approach is in a constant phase of transition, constantly adjusting itself to the urban lifestyle. Then, why should our curriculum vitae still remain something from the past? Join the bandwagon of automation with TeleReference!

HireOwl Now Supports Google Jobs Search for Greater Reach to Global Student Talent

HireOwl Now Supports Google Jobs Search for Greater Reach to Global Student Talent

HireOwl, a fast-growing student employment network, is thrilled to announce a new release of its software supporting the Google Jobs Search!

Whenever a job is posted on HireOwl, it will automatically appear in the Google Search results. This gives our employer clients a greater reach, more student applicants, and reduces their time to hire. At the same time, students around the world will more easily find the job postings from the HireOwl network.

HireOwl Announces Career Coaching Services!

HireOwl Announces Career Coaching Services!

HireOwl Team is excited to announce its partnership with some of the best career coaches in the US to offer career coaching to its students.

When attending college, students frequently choose to pursue different avenues, some party, some play sports, and others try their hardest to study and do well on their exams. But what sets each of them apart from one another after they receive their diplomas, is the amount of experience they’ve had in the professional working environment. Have you ever found yourself lost on the path of knowledge, unable to figure out where to go next? If you’ve ever wished to have a chance to learn and be exposed to the way professionals think and function in your career field then we have the tool for you.

HireOwl is proud to present career coaching on our platform which connects students with mentors in their fields. This program allows you the student, to connect with mentors in the career path you’re studying for. The biggest advantage a student can have is experience, it helps in applying for a job after graduation or meeting a prerequisite for graduate school. Students of all levels are encouraged to participate in this program you can apply whether you are a senior or freshman, but currently enrolled student are preferred.

If you are still unsure on wether or not you should consider applying for this golden opportunity consider these reasons. The benefits of getting a career coach is that they can show you the failures that they faced when they were in your position.

Forbes states that “Through the use of career coaching individuals find a balance between personal and professional life, leading them to increase the amount of revenue by roughly 4% annually.” (, 2015).

On average students who use career coaching feel “25% more concentrated on business related tasks” and tend to find success in any new business undertaking. By finding out what errors they’ve made it cuts out a lot of time testing methods to attain success. Another benefit to having a career coach is that they can help you in networking. By getting additional exposure to members high up in your field you have a higher chance getting a kickstart on your career. In order to be the first to sign up for our new career coaching follow this link.

HireOwl Wins Two HR Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!

HireOwl Wins Two HR Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!

HireOwl is now an officially ranked industry platform when it was reviewed by trusted B2B directory and made the grade with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a complete satisfaction rating of 100%. HireOwl was recognized by reviewers for streamlining the hiring of students for internships and freelance projects by businesses. Finding highly qualified university students to fill part-time jobs is often an exhaustive and frustrating process both for job seekers and prospective employers. The experts at FinancesOnline noted how we answered the needs of both sides through our platform.

User Experience 2017 Award

On the strength of HireOwl’s efficiency and effectiveness in connecting students needing short-term employment and companies wanting short-term employees, FinancesOnline bestowed on our product its 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award for human resources software. We are deeply honored by these recognitions which are awarded to exceptional, newly-introduced software that have gained traction with customers for their features and usability. These are solid testaments to the capability and usefulness of our products in connecting businesses with potential interns and student-employees.

Using our platform is a straightforward process. Companies just post job posts together with qualifications and requirements and HireOwl automatically provides a filtered list of qualified candidates that fit the job description. Our platform goes through its database of candidate profiles and determines those that are the closest match in terms of skills, university, major, location and other parameters. An array of assessment tools allows employers to further assess the suitability of shortlisted candidates. These and many more functionality earned a prestigious spot in FinancesOnline’s list of HR management software alternatives of which we are truly proud of. We are inspired by the achievements of our product and vow to make it a game-changer in the hiring and HR industry.

Announcement: HireOwl Video Meetings

Announcement: HireOwl Video Meetings


Team HireOwl is thrilled to announce general availability of instant video meetings, powered by innovative video technology from IntegriVideo. 


HireOwl video is built into the existing chat component, and makes it easy for students and employers to connect via live video—anytime, anywhere. Based on the latest WebRTC protocol, HireOwl video is supported by most browsers and doesn’t require installing any additional software.

How it works

HireOwl video naturally ties into existing workflows—students and employers can meet for interviews or new assignments. It’s also great for regular check-ins. Just start a video meeting to see a person face-to-face, and discuss progress on a project. All video sessions are automatically recorded and available for playback. 

Why video

Did you know that up to 65% of communications in meetings are non-verbal? With video, you can better understand the meaning by observing verbal cues and body language. And video is a powerful tool to build strong, ongoing work relationships with remote teams—we feel more engaged and connected when we see each other’s facial expressions.

What’s next

At HireOwl, we believe that video is an essential part of today’s workplace. Log into your HireOwl account and use video for your next meeting. 

About HireOwl is a fast-growing student employment network, helping thousands of students around the world find jobs and internships. HireOwl offers employers an easy way to connect to a large network of students to quickly fill their positions. HireOwl integrates real-time video and collaboration technologies as a complete solution for hiring and virtual workspace.

About IntegriVideo offers industry-leading video solutions in the form of web components, such as WebRTC-based video, chat, recording, file sharing and much more. IntegriVideo offers an advanced analytics platform for real-time analytics and monitoring, which allows subscribers to scale and optimize their offering.
HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

HireOwl Goes Global and Welcomes Foreign Students

The HireOwl Team is thrilled to announce that the HireOwl service is now available to foreign students studying at Universities outside of the United States. Students from any university in the world can now sign up, create a profile and apply for a job. Foreign students can work remotely, or leverage the internship on-boarding service recently offered by HireOwl.

This big step will offer HireOwl employer clients a larger and more diversified workforce. At HireOwl, we strongly believe that with a larger student workforce, employers will have more choices and will be able to fill their positions faster.

For many foreign students this is a great opportunity to gain work experience at any company globally and earn a competitive pay.

HireOwl will now support payments to students located in the following countries:

Australia Canada Denmark Finland
France Ireland Japan Norway
Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States
Austria Belgium Germany Hong Kong
Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Portugal Switzerland Singapore


Almost every growing business is trying to leverage the power of global distributed workforce in today’s economy.  At HireOwl, we fully understand the challenges involved when working or managing such teams. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to succeed in such environment. We believe that Web-based video is a critical component in the today’s workplace.

Our recently announced partnership with enabled us to offer our clients the technology to connect, collaborate and stay engaged throughout the project.

Hire a foreign student now!

Onboard an International Intern!

Onboard an International Intern!

Summer is approaching soon. Have you thought of hiring an international intern?

This is a perfect opportunity to get things done in a cost-effective manner! And it’s not too late.

HireOwl now helps US employers hire and onboard European Students.

We help you

  • Connect with a diverse pool of students from Top Universities in Europe (Undergrad, Masters, PHD)
  • Interview candidates online
  • We assist with the VISA process and immigration
  • We guide new hires through the relocation, housing, help them adjust
  • 24/7 support during the internship

We make the process simple for you. Just following these steps.

  1. Post your job on HireOwl
  2. Interview candidates and make an offer
  3. Request onboarding
  4. Candidate arrives and joins your team

Get started NOW!

Referral program announcement

Referral program announcement

HireOwl, a fast-growing student employment network, is pleased to announce a Student Referral Program. Students can now earn money by inviting other students to sign up and apply for a job.

HireOwl pays $5 for every student you invite who signs up and applies for a job.


Here are the details:

  • Invite your friends by entering their emails or sharing on social media.
  • Easily track your invitations, signs up and job applications
  • Once you earn $25 or more, redeem your rewards.
  • HireOwl will transfer $ directly to your account.

Students can easily track their earnings and request a direct payment to their bank account.


Referral awards

Give it a try!

HireOwl Referral Program

HireOwl Partners with for Web-based Video

HireOwl Partners with for Web-based Video

Partnership Announcement is thrilled to announce that it’s partnering with to integrate advanced video and collaboration capabilities into its current service offering.

With the new collaboration features, employers will enjoy new tools to meet and interview students remotely. Adoption of these technologies will result in significant time-savings and better hiring decisions. Students will get a better chance to get to know their future employer before accepting a job offer.

These collaboration capabilities will also enable employers and students to interact with each other on a regular basis, creating a  virtual workspace for them discuss new assignments, plan deliverables and review the results.

At we believe that this technology enables us to deliver a complete solution to employers for recruiting and working with the technology-savvy millennial workforce.

About a fast growing student employment network, helping students find part-time jobs and internships.

About offers industry leading video solutions to its clients in the form of web components, such as webrtc-based video, chat, recording, file sharing and many more. Its advanced analytics platform offers real-time analytics and monitoring of the service allowing for better scale and optimization.