HireOwl Wins Two HR Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!

HireOwl Wins Two HR Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!

HireOwl is now an officially ranked industry platform when it was reviewed by trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and made the grade with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a complete satisfaction rating of 100%. HireOwl was recognized by reviewers for streamlining the hiring of students for internships and freelance projects by businesses. Finding highly qualified university students to fill part-time jobs is often an exhaustive and frustrating process both for job seekers and prospective employers. The experts at FinancesOnline noted how we answered the needs of both sides through our platform.

User Experience 2017 Award

On the strength of HireOwl’s efficiency and effectiveness in connecting students needing short-term employment and companies wanting short-term employees, FinancesOnline bestowed on our product its 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award for human resources software. We are deeply honored by these recognitions which are awarded to exceptional, newly-introduced software that have gained traction with customers for their features and usability. These are solid testaments to the capability and usefulness of our products in connecting businesses with potential interns and student-employees.

Using our platform is a straightforward process. Companies just post job posts together with qualifications and requirements and HireOwl automatically provides a filtered list of qualified candidates that fit the job description. Our platform goes through its database of candidate profiles and determines those that are the closest match in terms of skills, university, major, location and other parameters. An array of assessment tools allows employers to further assess the suitability of shortlisted candidates. These and many more functionality earned a prestigious spot in FinancesOnline’s list of HR management software alternatives of which we are truly proud of. We are inspired by the achievements of our product and vow to make it a game-changer in the hiring and HR industry.

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