Why Do I Want to Work for This Company? Attracting College Talent

Why Do I Want to Work for This Company? Attracting College Talent

The college recruitment game goes two ways. The truth is it can be just as daunting for a recruiter to attract top college talent as it is for a student to stand out from the crowd. How do you go about finding not just the best students, but the best students for your business? In this post we’ll discuss how to market your company to Millennials and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

How to answer this question: Why do I want to work for this company?

Think about the modern, young applicant

We’ve entered a new age of employment where retaining employees for the long term is getting harder and harder. Today’s college graduates expect (and perhaps even look forward to) trying out several business environments before finally establishing their own businesses or settling at a company where they can make a big impact. And even that might not be permanent.

While this might not be optimal for you as a recruiter, whose best-case scenario is often to find someone who will thrive and stay in one place, it gives you an opportunity to market your business environment to young applicants. What about this job or this company can give them the edge as they experience career development? In other words, put yourself in their shoes and speak directly to what they want.

Prioritize culture above compensation

But what exactly do they want? An article in the Harvard Business Review shows results from a survey led by Collegefeed in 2014. The analysts asked 15,000 Millennials—60 percent of whom were still in college—what the top things were that they looked for when considering an employer. The results were very telling. People and culture fit, career potential, and work/life balance were the top three, while more traditional aspects such as compensation and market leadership trailed behind.

Thus perhaps the best thing you can do to boost your job applications is to take a step back and look at your company culture. How would you define it? What are the rules that everyone lives by to succeed? Do you provide any perks—free or otherwise? How do you reward good work? What about your team makes it elite in the business world? And be honest. If you misrepresent your company culture, you’re only going to get people who don’t fit well with the real thing, causing your retention rates to drop. There’s something out there for everyone, including your business.

But why wait until it’s time to fill a full-time position to convince students that your company is a great place to work? Learn-and-earn opportunities provide both you and them with a chance to test-drive a company, department, and position before they graduate. This gives your business a chance to speak for itself as the student gets a taste of your culture and priorities. If they line up, you have the chance to shrink your recruiting budget and find someone who will fit right in. And if they don’t, well that can be just as valuable for both sides.

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