Using Seelio Career Portfolios to Make Better Hiring Decisions on HireOwl

Using Seelio Career Portfolios to Make Better Hiring Decisions on HireOwl

Matchmaking algorithms? Got ’em! Video profiles? Got ’em! Reviews of students from other businesses who have worked with them? Got those too!

If you’ve used HireOwl to source talented students for internships and freelance projects, then you already know that our technology provides the most comprehensive screening tools to help employers make informed hiring decisions.

Today we are taking another giant leap forward in our quest to help employers find and hire the best students for their jobs and internships!

HireOwl and Seelio team up to change the way employers incorporate career portfolios in candidate screening

HireOwl is excited to announce that it is partnering with Seelio, the leading provider of student-focused career portfolios, so that employers can view real examples of students’ actual work without ever needing to leave HireOwl. All the screening tools employers need are now in one place!

What is Seelio?

Seelio’s career portfolio technology enables students to showcase the work they have produced both in the workplace and in class, bringing their skills to life far better than standard, old-school resumes.

How does this help employers?

With students’ Seelio portfolios now fully integrated into HireOwl, forward-thinking employers are able to engage in visual recruiting like never before.

Employers come to HireOwl because they know they’ll find some of the best graphic design talent, top writers, skilled video producers, and creative marketing minds for affordable prices. If looking for a designer, for example, knowing that graphic design is a student’s major or seeing relevant experience on his or her resume is helpful; but it’s not enough.

To make the most educated hiring decisions, it’s often best to view the actual work students have produced. In fact, 83% of recruiters in a Jobvite survey said they look for examples of written and design work in a candidate’s social profiles. Furthermore, 79% of employers in a Gallup survey revealed that a candidate’s applied skills in a field are very important. Only 28% placed the same level of importance on a candidate’s major.

That’s precisely why HireOwl incorporated Seelio’s portfolio technology directly into the platform employers are already using to source and manage top interns!

To see samples of the Seelio portfolios you’ll find inside the HireOwl community, head on over to our new Student Showcase and check out actual work produced by students: Then put this talent to work for your business by posting a job with us!

Have questions? Contact the HireOwl support team at or the Seelio support team at

Happy hiring!

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