Use HireOwl to Maintain Ethical Practices in Hiring College Students

Use HireOwl to Maintain Ethical Practices in Hiring College Students

If you’ve decided to branch out and test-drive student workers to help you get the job done, you’ve probably done a lot of research. In doing so you’ve likely seen all the shortcuts that student workers can provide to you, from helping you tackle seasonal projects to shrinking your recruiting budget.

It’s important to remember, however, that while student workers can help you create some shortcuts in your hiring processes, there are still guidelines you have to follow in order to remain ethically and seasonally sound. While we certainly advise you to talk to an attorney to ensure your hiring practices are sound, in this post we’ll demonstrate how the HireOwl platform does a lot of the work for you.

How the HireOwl platform helps you maintain ethical practices in hiring college students

If you know of a professor at a particular college who could help you identify the type of student you’re looking to hire, it makes sense that you’d want to ask her opinion. But while this may seem innocent enough, it opens you (and the professor) up to a common pitfall in hiring best practices. If you are only referred to a small number of students without having made the job opportunity accessible to all qualified students, your recruiting process may not be considered fair and equitable. This can open up the door for ethical scrutiny or even legal repercussions. And this can be easily amplified if all of the students listed were of the same gender, economic background, ethnicity, etc., even if it were coincidental.

By posting your positions on HireOwl, you’re easily accessing two ways that you can prevent this scrutiny from occurring. First, you’re posting your positions on a platform that is accessible to anyone with an active “.edu” email address. Because it’s free to sign up, you’re more likely to be posting the position in accordance with a fair and equitable recruiting process. In fact, this is only to your benefit! Because many of the positions commonly posted on HireOwl can be conducted remotely, you’ll see a much higher level of potential candidates than if you posted only at one school. More candidates mean that you’re more likely to find the perfect fit out of the bunch!

In addition, HireOwl has established direct relationships with the career centers of 43 universities, whose employees are practiced in helping companies maintain ethical hiring standards on campus. Thus by posting with us you’re automatically keeping to the same standards by which all other businesses must abide. To get an idea of the huge amount of talent available to you at the college level, sign up today and browse the platform. You’ll see that it comes with recommendations, e-portfolios, resumes, and video profiles of students all built-in, so you don’t have to go around chasing universities for additional information as you seek your best fit.

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