The Founders Series: Smart Hustle

The Founders Series: Smart Hustle

The Founders Series
: advice for entrepreneurs and students who are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs

With the Founders Series, we reach across multiple industries in order to get diverse perspectives on entrepreneurship. That’s why you see anything from startup law firms to mobile yoga studios sprinkled in alongside tech startups.

This week, we caught up with Ramon Ray, the Founder of Smart Hustle, a multimedia (online and print magazine) resource that offers valuable advice to entrepreneurs on most aspects of growing their businesses.

Tell us about Smart Hustle. What’s your vision for the company?

We aim to make Smart Hustle the leading national resource to educate and inspire small business entrepreneurs. We’re creating a community of small business entrepreneurs on the journey toward success. Smart Hustle Magazine is the rallying point for those who are using their smarts, creativity, and tenacity as they pursue the hustle–the smart hustle–on their way to even greater success. Smart Hustle Magazine is not just about those who have already succeeded, but those who are on the journey of small business entrepreneurial growth.

What inspired you to start your own company?

With Smart Hustle, I wanted to go beyond tech, which is the focus of my other company, I wanted to cover small business entrepreneurs in the HUSTLE/on their journey.

What was your first job after graduation? If in a different field, how did you make the transition from that to entrepreneurship?

I was working at the United Nations, managing an office. I started 3 companies while at the UN, then left the UN.

What is the most important trait for an entrepreneur to have?  

There is not just one important trait, but persistence, smart hustle, always learning, and being nice are a few.

What career advice would you give to current students who are considering joining a startup or starting their own company?

Be humble and get practical knowledge, not just MBA or BA knowledge. (HireOwl note: we couldn’t agree more that getting practical knowledge is critical!)

Where can people find out more about Smart Hustle?

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