How Hiring Students Can Transform Your Seasonal Work

How Hiring Students Can Transform Your Seasonal Work

When considering seasonal extremes for a business, retail is probably the first industry that comes to mind. Whether it’s a department store or an online shopping experience such as Amazon or Groupon, employees are working overtime in order to meet the fourth-quarter revenue goals that carry the business throughout the rest of the year.

But these aren’t the only companies facing seasonal fluctuations. Even if your business isn’t based on a selling cycle, chances are your quarter-to-quarter variances have identified fruitful areas to capitalize. What stops most people from doing so is a lack of additional staff with the skills required to see your heavy seasons through with success. Luckily, there’s an entire on-demand workforce waiting to help you achieve your goals: students.

Four ways to use university students for seasonal work

Trend analysis and presentation

Today’s college students are capable of so much more than busy work. Having grown up in the age of the Internet, they are no strangers to the many software and online tools at hand for assessing data and presenting it in a clear, meaningful way. So if you need help identifying what products should be selling when, rely on students to help you convey this information to your colleagues or partners. What better way to develop strategies on reaching the next generation of consumers than straight from the horse’s mouth? Look for students majoring in economics, accounting, sociology or anything else that demonstrates analytical fortitude.

Production of timely content

When seasonal needs peak, so too should your content plan. From creating flyers to promoting your brand through blogging, you want to make sure that you’re covering all your bases at your most lucrative times of year. Many students are already proficient in promoting themselves through online content, and thus can help you do the same. While it makes sense to look for students who have majored in journalism or marketing, don’t dismiss those who major in another liberal art that requires a good deal of writing (history, art history, foreign literature, English, etc.). Even better, seek students who have written for a student newspaper or magazine, as this proves that they can adjust their voices accordingly.

Social promotion

Social media is second nature for most students today. While you may already have staff members who post regularly to your social channels, seasonal fluctuations can cause social conversations to take over a much larger portion of their workload. Whether it’s balancing your own promotions with curated content, responding to comments or researching new ways to engage with your audience, assign a task to a well-versed student to keep things from getting overwhelming during your busiest quarter. As with content, you could look for students who major in the writing fields, but you should also keep an eye out for anyone who is practiced at organizing analytics. Of course, the best resource is the student’s own social media profiles!


Whether you sell in different parts of the globe or are targeting several demographic groups in one area, multilingual marketing can be immensely useful. But few companies have the resources to hire people specifically for their translation skills. Let students help you out! Beyond looking for pupils who major or minor in a particular language, keep an eye out for anyone who has spent time studying abroad. The more recently that someone has been immersed in a language, the more likely that he or she is still proficient at catching new lingo or slang, depending on your company voice.

Don’t let seasonal opportunities pass you by due to lack of staff! Our extensive community of talented and hardworking students is waiting for you to post a job, so get started!

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