The Student Spotlight: Kenny Soto, CCNY ’16

The Student Spotlight: Kenny Soto, CCNY ’16

The Student Spotlight: showcasing the talented students of HireOwl

Name: Kenny Soto

School: The City College of New York – CUNY

Year: Senior

Major: Music Theory


Twitter handle: @KennySoto_NYC

Tell us more about yourself. Elaborate on your involvement in student government and your work on personal branding. Have you turned that into a business? Have you started other businesses? Feel free to mention teams, clubs, and special skills or experience. 

My name is Kenny Soto and I am the incoming president of Student Government at the City College of New York. I realized early on that the majority of knowledge I could gain in college was not from my courses but from the people I would meet. In order for me to gain a large base of connections at my college, I had to market myself. Entering student government was vital because I knew that I would learn the necessary skills needed after college, and I have utilized those skills to start my own consulting business for students.

What’s your dream job?

I want to own my own venture capital firm that helps fund education technology startups based in New York City.

Name your favorite employer you’ve worked with, and why.

My favorite employer has to be SCORE NYC, based near City Hall in New York. This is because throughout my eight-month internship I have been able to learn more about the issues that plague so many entrepreneurs. Having the chance to see retired executives coach and mentor current CEOs has shown me what it takes to execute and create a scalable and successful business.

What are the top ways you have benefited from working while in college? 

The biggest benefit I have gained from working while in college would have to be learning the theories you get from college classes and implementing them in a pragmatic way. The most important lesson I have obtained is that knowledge gained is useless unless you put it into action and test the theories you’ve learned. A college degree only serves to show an employer that you can handle a certain set of tasks given a specific deadline. If you want to stand out, you must take extra steps so people can see you as an asset.

When not in class, you can usually be found:

On my free time I am usually writing on my blog (link at start of article), taking photos across the city, working with my Fraternity (Tau Kappa Epsilon), doing volunteer work, and reading business books.

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