The Student Spotlight: Jason Plush, Johns Hopkins ’16

The Student Spotlight: Jason Plush, Johns Hopkins ’16

The Student Spotlight: showcasing talented students around the country 

Name: Jason Plush

School: Johns Hopkins University

Major: Global Environmental Change and Sustainability (GECS)

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Management, Marketing and Communications

Tells us about yourself.

On campus, I’m the President of the SGA (Student Government Association) and the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. I’m also the captain of the Hopkins Club Ice Hockey Team and a member of the Senior Leadership Consultants. Finally, I serve as a Tour Guide and Admissions Representative in the Office of Admissions at JHU. In terms of skills, I play the bass guitar, the drums, and enjoy singing and have an avid passion for coaching and sports. I also enjoy journalism and have experience working in radio, marketing, and sponsorship activation.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to be an Analyst—either for ice hockey or baseball—for one of the large sports networks in the US, particularly NBC Sports, CBS Sports, or ESPN. Since I was 6 years old, it has been my dream to make it big in the sports industry and I would love to be a lead analyst at one of these companies.

What would you like your first job to be after graduation? 

If I decide not to pursue graduate school directly out of college, I would enjoy working for a sports marketing company. I’ve worked for a company called IMG the past two summers and have flourished in the job, so I could see myself entering into an entry level position at a company of similar caliber. I also wouldn’t mind being a sports writer for a newspaper and/or online editorial or magazine.

Favorite employer and/or professor:

Favorite employer: my boss, Tom Murphy, at IMG. He has a strong sense of the business I want to go into and has been a tremendous mentor, coach, and friend. I’ve enjoyed working for him every day and I feel like I learn something new about the marketing and sports industry each time we interact. He’s an awesome leader and someone I really look up to.

Favorite Professor: Dr. Bill Smedick. Bill teaches in the Center for Leadership Education at JHU and has had a tremendous influence on my college career. He is an effective communicator, strong leader, and commands a strong presence every time he steps into a room for a lecture. Additionally, he strikes the perfect balance of being professional and kind/approachable.

Most fulfilling work:

The most fulfilling work I’ve done in my life is when I volunteered in a small village in India called Leh for three weeks. The experience opened my eyes to being more involved in the communities I surround myself in and made me realize how fortunate I am to have the life that I do. It was tremendous to be able to make such a big difference in a short amount of time to a community in need. We constructed recycling systems for various parts of the village and taught Algebra and English to local students. It was incredibly fulfilling. Professionally, working at IMG has been the most fulfilling experience because it made me realize that I truly want to be involved in the sports industry as a professional career.

When not in class, you can usually be found:

In the music studio practicing, catching up with friends, or on the ice rink

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