The Student Spotlight: Dhruv Goyal, Harvard ’16

The Student Spotlight: Dhruv Goyal, Harvard ’16

The Student Spotlight: showcasing talented students around the country 

Dhruv Goyal, Harvard ’16

Major: Economics

Minor: Government

Tells us about yourself, including past work experience and/or your involvement on campus.

I enjoy the intersection between government and business, so in the past summers I’ve worked on a Prime Ministerial campaign in India, done research at HBS and worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company.
On campus I currently serve as Vice President of our student government, having been elected in a school wide campaign, the first non-US student to do so. I am also involved with the consulting group and international society at Harvard.

What’s your dream job? 

Prime Minister of India, a dream I share with about a billion other people…

What would you like your first job to be after graduation? 

Most likely consulting with (hopefully) McKinsey. A hedge fund would probably be fun too, especially when it comes to learning disciplined investing.

Favorite professor: 

Kiran Gajwani, from the Economics department at Harvard. She changed the way I think about global development issues like poverty.

What’s the most fulfilling work you’ve done to date?

While working on the campaign, we got to travel to several parts of the country and interact with people of very different backgrounds and motivations.

When not in class, you can usually be found:

Playing billiards

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