The Student Spotlight: Ben Pleat, Harvard ’17

The Student Spotlight: Ben Pleat, Harvard ’17

The Student Spotlight: showcasing talented students around the country 

Ben Pleat, Harvard College ’17

Major: Economics

Minor: Computer Science

Tells us about yourself.

I’m a Junior at Harvard studying Econ and CS. On campus I help lead Harvard Ventures, the undergraduate entrepreneurship group, through which students learn about startups, work with Boston-based startups term-time, and ultimately launch their own ventures. I also help lead the TAMID Chapter at Harvard, an organization that teaches students business skills through interaction with Israeli startups and companies.

What’s your dream job?

Any job where I get to interact with ambitious entrepreneurs and thinkers.

What would you like your first job to be after graduation? 

Startup co-founder or corporate development at a rapidly growing startup.

Favorite employer:

WeWork – perhaps the most amazing company I could have asked to intern with, and one of the most exciting companies that’s changing the way we view work. WeWork is truly the platform for creators and was an invaluable learning experience for me in seeing just how a rapidly growing startup could maintain an unbelievable culture and innovate daily.

Most fulfilling work:

WeWork – working with some of the best folks on the Growth Team specifically! See above!

When not in class, you can usually be found:

Using my tennis skills on a squash court

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