The Founders Series: Chasing Nirvana Yoga

The Founders Series: Chasing Nirvana Yoga

The Founders Series: advice for entrepreneurs and students who are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs

In this week’s Founders Series, we spoke with Lyndsey Morash, Founder of Chasing Nirvana Yoga (CNY), an innovative yoga startup and longtime HireOwl client (from back when we were HelpU!).

Tell us about Chasing Nirvana Yoga.  What’s your vision for the company?

Chasing Nirvana Yoga is a mobile yoga studio bringing wellness to 9-5ers. We aim to help Corporate America de-stress, get healthy, and move mindfully throughout their day by using the principles set forth by the 8 limbs of yoga. What we love about CNY is that we have the ability to bring health and wellness straight to your door. We keep people happy, healthy, and strong.

What inspired you to start your own company?

I was inspired to start Chasing Nirvana Yoga after seeing first-hand and personally experiencing the negative effects that stress and stasis have in Corporate America as well as the empowerment I felt after becoming a yoga instructor and positively impacting the lives of my students. While working in Corporate America, I turned to yoga to manage my stress and add movement to life. I found such relief, grounding, and energy through my practice that I decided to push further. After becoming a certified yoga instructor, I knew I was ready to help others in the workplace by adding health and wellness to their daily routine.

What was your first job after graduation?  If in a different field, how did you make the transition from that to entrepreneurship?  Feel free to highlight any other pertinent jobs held between your first one and now. 

My first job after graduation was in healthcare. I have always known that I wanted a career where I can truly help people, but I hadn’t determined my niche. I explored different industries in search for alignment, but found that yoga was where I felt a true connection. I transitioned to entrepreneurship with Chasing Nirvana Yoga because I believed the marriage between corporate America and yoga would be a lasting one.

What is the most important trait for an entrepreneur to have?

Drive & Passion

What career advice would you give to current students who are considering joining a startup or starting their own company? 

Love recklessly. You have to be passionate about your endeavor. If you don’t have passion in your chosen field, you will be ill-equipped to compete with those who do. If you have passion, you naturally give your work everything you have to make it succeed, and you become one of the lucky few who has a job that doesn’t feel like work.

Where can people find out more about CNY?

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